Chris is doing an awesome job with this virtual program! I spend an hour per week on a video call. We have now done three weeks. He gets me going on exercises every week and it has been working great! I would recommend it to everyone who isn’t sure.
- Carlin Toews
I enjoy coming here. The staff is enthusiastic and committed to helping me and I’ve achieved more independence since coming here.
- April Wiebe
Great place! The program teaches disabled people like me the aspects of Independent living.
- Randie Locken
The results have been remarkable. In such a short time, my balance has improved and now I am able to lift my leg more effectively…The most amazing is that I am starting to have feeling return to my left hand.
- Adult recovering from stroke
Please continue to provide stroke rehabilitation for the above 69 year old male. The patient continues to make progress and finds the rehabilitation helpful.
- Dr. Mark Elkin B.C.Sc. (Hons), M.D., C.C.F.P.
The Conductive Education sessions have helped improve movement and speech
- Client
There is an improvement in my mobility and speech; your program was a last resort to be offered to us. We are happy with the results!
- Client

In 2006 I had a massive stroke while out running. I had been an age-competitive long distance runner, resulting in some depression. After three months in hospital and many different therapies, I discovered the Movement Centre of Manitoba.

I joined the program in the Fall of 2008 and quickly started to see improvement in my left hand. My small finger was the first to move, now my whole hand is moving on command.

My walking has also improved as has my confidence, my left shoulder flexibility improvement has been amazing.  Working in a group environment has been beneficial as we feed off each other’s improvement, seeing others improve is very rewarding.

The Movement Centre is very well managed, the staff are amazing and committed to their work.

- Gary Coopland