A Conductor is a professional who has been trained to help people affected by a motor disorder gain maximum independence. Their training takes place between a few universities and accredited training centers; located in England, Hungary, Israel and 2 colleges in the United States. By the end of their training, a Conductor is proficient in being able to deliver a specialized program for people with neuro-motor disabilities: Cerebral palsy, stroke, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Conductors are trained to work in conjunction with other professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, teachers, as well as parents and spouses. When implementing a program, a Conductor will pay special attention to ensuring that the tasks learned during a Conductive Education session are able to be carried over into a home setting and applied appropriately to everyday life.

A Conductor will use a vast array of techniques and equipment to implement an appropriate program that will address the needs and goals of their clients. The ultimate goal of a Conductor is to teach the necessary skills enabling all clients to be as independent as possible – in a real world setting. This could be anything from re-learning to walk after a stroke or breaking down the steps to making a cup of coffee when you are affected by cerebral palsy.