This is Morgan.

Morgan has beenMorgan4-web coming to The Movement Centre since just before her 3rd birthday. She was born with the rare genetic disorder cri du chat, which causes issues with fine and gross motor skills, hyper mobility, and communication; all things that Conductive Education rehabilitation can help with.

Morgan is a determined little girl, with a beautiful smile and an even more beautiful personality. That determination has helped her overcome many of her movement challenges. When she first arrived, she had no interest in standing; her mode of getting from point A to point B was by crawling on her knees. With her mom Lisa watching on and celebrating, Morgan took her first step at The Movement Centre and met her first goal! Within a year of starting her classes at The Movement Centre, she was walking independently.
Not only was she working on those independent steps, but her fine motor skills were being developed through her Conductive Education rehabilitation classes. She learned to hold a spoon and feed herself, as well as pick up small objects. She’s absolutely fascinated by her hands, and is intense while performing her fine motor skills now. She’s also learned toileting at The Movement Centre – her next goal is to carry that skill outside of the Centre!

Morgan1-webMorgan’s mom isn’t the only one who celebrates the goals and triumphs Morgan achieves. Lisa sees that all the staff at The Movement Centre celebrate along with the family and clients. “Everyone working here welcomes every single person”, says Lisa. “There are no judgments. It’s a family full of love”. Morgan “just vibrates” with excitement when she comes here, said Lisa. She loves how the conductors come and chat with the family after the classes to talk about the day, discuss the family and client’s goals and achievements. “It’s truly amazing”, said Lisa.

The Movement Centre couldn’t provide Conductive Education rehabilitation to individuals like this phenomenal child without your support. We are extremely grateful for your continued generosity – it allows us to continue to deliver quality services that are instrumental in the achievements of remarkable children like Morgan.