The Movement Centre invited our long time supporters to a Donor Appreciation event on June 7th held at our Centre. We were thrilled to host an event specifically to show our gratitude for the generosity of our friends over the years.

Supporters, friends, board members, clients and staff mingled together to share why The Movement Centre is so important to them. Our family volunteers made delicious tea sandwiches, while board members made delightful cupcakes and an out-of-this world punch for our supporters to enjoy while they were here.

During this event, our supporters were able to view clients amidst Conductive Education Rehabilitation Sessions.

We took the opportunity at our appreciation event to plan some important redecorating:

The Movement Centre building was rededicated as “The Ruth and Martin Bergen Memorial Centre”. Without these two amazing individuals, The Movement Centre would never have grown to the Centre it is today.

Additionally, two rooms in our facility were dedicated to long-time supporters:

  • The Maple Leaf Room, Donated by Maple Leaf Construction
  • The Sunshine Room, Donated by Doug Harvey and Jan Shute

While we are awaiting on final manufacturing of our new signage, watch our Facebook page for updates on dedication dates!

After formalities, we went outside for a butterfly release. For The Movement Centre, the butterfly represents the personal and physical transformation of our clients, as they use Conductive Education Rehabilitation to break free of their cocoons, spread their wings, and fly towards independence.

Everyone in attendance received a butterfly, made a wish, and released their butterfly into the air. Some butterflies took their time flying away, and rested on the hands of their liberator. The moment could only be described as magical and inspirational.


As the crowd dispersed, we were again thankful that we were able to show our appreciation to an amazing group of individuals. Without these people, The Movement Centre could not provide Conductive Education Rehabilitation to the children and adults you’ve met in this newsletter.

We thank them, and you, for your generosity and kindness!

Watch the slideshow of pictures from the event!

Donor Appreciation Event Slideshow Thumb