Our son was in a terrible car accident when he was 22 years old.  Shortly after the accident, we were told that he would not get better, he had a brain injury and was unable to respond to the medical professionals in any way. We were told that he had to be admitted to a long term care facility for the remainder of his life.

We decided that he would never choose to live his life this way and fought to bring him home. In January of 2011, we brought him home and discovered The Movement Centre, a magical, amazing place that believes in each individual that passes through their doors. The changes in Chris, our son have taken our breath away.

He is walking, communicating, laughing, teasing and becoming a person who believes in himself, he has hope, and that has been what has made a difference in choosing to live with a disability and becoming a part of a community. The Movement Centre has believed and found our son and made him believe in himself and given him hope, where before there was none.

The Movement Centre is an amazing, magical place, where no one is left behind, no matter what their disability is, they give out, hard work, laughter, and belief to share with each client in themselves.

This is truly how we feel about the Movement Centre.


-Tammy Kehler

Chris_Kehler_Hand task at table3_July2014