After a long history of activity, cross country ski racing, marathon running (500 miles a year in training) and mountain hiker (in the Nepal Himalayas), I had a major stroke in Nov. 2006 (while running) which changed my life. After hospital time I was told I might as well go home as I would not improve!

Having run out of allotted Physio time I went home had some private Physio and searched for other programs. Then my daughter told me about Conductive Education and I the found The Movement Centre and started attending in 2008. I also started an aggressive Program of weight lifting in 2009.

Since attending the Movement Centre I have improved my walking significantly and the use of my affected arm has also improved greatly. One of the best features of The Movement Centre is the collegial aspect of the treatment, with five other stroke clients working hard and supporting each other. The staff, full and part time, are outstanding.

I am so supportive of what The Movement Centre does that I joined the Volunteer Board of Directors in 2009.

-Gary Coopland

Terry and GaryTerry Smith (right) and Gary Coopland (left) of The Movement Centre Board of Directors