Conductive Education Assistants (CEA)

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  • Experienced in working in a team environment
  • Enjoy a physically demanding and rewarding position
  • Have some experience working or volunteering in the disabled community
  • The ability to motivate in a positive manner
  • Strong comprehension of English, both written and spoken
  • Creative and expressive in a group environment
  • Comfortable assisting in an adult and child class setting
  • Having a good understanding of kinesiology and basic body movement

 Extra qualities that are of benefit to an Assistant at The Movement Centre:

  • Involvement in athletics
  • Involvement in team sports
  • Strong involvement with community initiatives
  • Volunteer experience within the disabled community
  • Experience working with children
  • Experience working with adults with disabilities
  • Experience in health care
  • Experience as a coach in athletics
  • Knowledgeable in ASL
  • Experience in the arts and theatre